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If you are looking for a used car then now is the time to consider electric because the electric revolution is taking over the motor industry and the range of used electric vehicles available is better than ever. Here at Motorline ŠKODA, we have some of the best electric cars on the market. But what will you get from moving to an electric car? The answer is lower running costs, no tailpipe emissions, a great driving range, simple maintenance and impressive acceleration.

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We all understand that electric vehicles (EVs) are better for the environment because they produce no CO2 emissions, but it is the low running costs that can make you significant savings, as charging costs far less than filling a tank with fuel. Those batteries are cutting-edge lithium-ion ones which densely pack and store the energy which allows for a great range of journeys. With fewer moving parts than a standard engine, you may fear that the performance of an EV will be affected but let us reassure you that you will not be disappointed. ŠKODA electric vehicles are responsive, powerful and fun to drive.

Most of our customers are hesitant about charging, so we’d like to reassure you that the process of charging these vehicles is really simple and easy. Recharging can be done in one of three ways: via your standard three-pin home power outlet; via a specially installed home wall box; or via public charge points which include rapid chargers. You simply plug the car in and go about your business. Charge time varies depending on the model and power source.

Should you choose to install a home wall box, there are various government schemes available to minimise the cost and, when out in public areas, charge points can be found at many supermarkets and petrol stations. With around 30,000 public charge points in the UK, 7,500 of those being rapid charge points, the number is growing every day so convenience should be of no concern.

With models like the widely popular CITIGOe iV available, which has an impressive range of up to 170 miles, it is ideal for urban journeys and city commutes, you really should take a look at our range of fully electric used cars. Browse online and get in touch with Motorline ŠKODA to book your test drive.