DDS, Blue Light, & CSMA Card

Discounts for the UK's Emergency Services, NHS, Armed Forces, & more

The DDS, Blue Light, and CSMA schemes offer discounts to military personnel, teaching, and NHS staff, as well as other eligible members. The follow customers are eligible for the programme:

Boundless by CSMA

  • Serving and retired civil servants
  • Serving and retired public servants
  • Teaching staff

Blue Light Card

  • Serving and retired police officers
  • Serving and retired firefighters
  • Serving and retired paramedics
  • NHS-registered doctors and nurses
  • Serving and retired prison offers
  • Serving community support officers
  • Serving RNLI members

Defence Discount Service

  • Serving military by personnel - Tri-services (Army, Royal Navy, & RAF)
  • MOD employees - Those working for and paid by the MOD itself
  • Tri-service & MOD veterans - Those having served their Queen and country
  • DDS Card holders
  • Reservists

Renault Car Range

Total Member Discount

ZOER110i 18.50%
Twingo All Versions 17%
ClioAll Versions 22%
CapturAll Versions 20%
New KADJARAll Versions 20%
MeganeAll Versions (excl RS) 17%
Megane Sport Tourer All Versions (excl RS) 17%
Megane RS&RS Trophy 8%
ScenicAll Petrol versions 18%
ScenicAll Diesel versions 15%
Grand Scenic All Petrol versions 21%
Grand Scenic All Diesel versions 18%
KoleosAll Versions 13%
Trafic Passenger All Versions 32%

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Discounts shown are applied to the basic price of the vehicle. Offers valid for vehicles ordered before 30th September 2019. Proof of eligibility must be presented upon request. Restricted volumes per member, per annum. Cannot be used in conjunction with other schemes or finance offers.