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Electrify Your Journey with the Peugeot Electric Range

Electric Vehicles, commonly known as EV's, are becoming more prominent, with customers wanting a vehicle that produces less or low emissions but can still provide the same performance and level of comfort. Well, Peugeot have got your covered. Their EV range includes the: e-208, e-2008, e-Rifter and e-Traveller. All of which are operated completely on electric power. The Hybrid range consists of: New 308 Hybrid, New 308 SW Hybrid, New 3008 Hybrid4 SUV, 508 Hybrid, 508 SW Hybrid, 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered and the 508 SW Peugeot Sport Engineered. These use both electric power and traditional fuel and are for those that don't want to make the leap into the EV world just yet.

This article includes information to dismiss rumours and myths which may have dissuaded you to adopt these vehicles, which not only allows for environmental savings but economic savings also.

7 Electric Facts you need to know:

  • Range Anxiety - Many people think electric vehicles can’t travel long distances, but the reality is that 100% battery electric vehicles can drive over 200 miles before they need to be charged.
  • Poor Acceleration - Actually, electric vehicles deliver instant torque, meaning acceleration is exceptionally strong and linear.
  • Charging Points - Today in the UK there are more than 20,000 public chargepoints. 96% of motorway service stations have rapid chargepoints.
  • Too expensive - Electric vehicles are actually 70% cheaper to run over a 100 mile range compared with an equivalent fuelled car.
  • Electricity Safety - 100% battery electric and plugin hybrid vehicles comply with the same strict standards and regulations. These risks for petrol & diesel engines, and electric vehicle are actually the same.
  • Charging Time - Electric vehicles can now achieve 80% battery in just 30 minutes. Despite what many believe, charging an electric vehicle can actually be super-fast.
  • Battery Loss and Failure - Given the battery is at the heart of the electric vehicle, drivers often fear its rapid loss or failure. That’s why all our cars and vans offer an 8 year/100,000 mile warranty, which covers manufacturing and charging capacity.

Why am I Hearing More about Electric and Hybrid Vehicles?

Good question! Well there is a growing demand for sustainable brands with 80% of consumers saying they’re planning to purchase from businesses they know have made an effort to be environmentally friendly. Moreover, there are an increasing number of Clean-Air zones in UK cities, some of which charge drivers a fee to enter the area if their vehicle fails to meet the required environmental standards. London, Bath and more recently Birmingham have already launched Clean-Air zones which means a charge for entry for vehicles emitting above the defined level of CO2. Other cities, such as Leicester, Liverpool and Bristol have confirmed their desire to implement it later in 2021, early 2022. 

The UK government have also announced their plans to place a complete ban on the sale of petrol and diesel engines (also named ICE: Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles by 2030.

What about the range, won't I have to keep stopping to charge?

​Well, this depends on how far you are driving as well as the how the vehicle is being driven. Aspects such as if your carrying a load on the roof, causing wind resistance as well as if the load is especially heavy, all contribute to the range. Other aspects include whether the air-conditioning/heating is on, which in some cases can be responsible for 10% - 30% of the battery consumption as well as the landscape of roads, fuel consumption is increased when driving uphill. However, when driving downhill, regenerative breaking increases your driving range.

What's the Difference?

Plug-in Hybrid

  • Powered by both electricity and traditional fuel.
  • Can be charged via electrical outlet.
  • Designed to engage the fuel engine when battery electricity is running low or to replace the electric drivetrain when more power is required.
  • Can help you to reduce the amount of liquid fuel you use.
  • Drive without emitting any pollution for relatively short distances on electric mode.

100% Electric

  • Powered exclusively by electricity.
  • Can use rapid charging facilities.
  • Charged via electrical outlet.
  • Can be driven on an automatic-only driving licence.
  • Is cost-effective, due to the help of government grants1 and the lower cost of topping up compared to a tank of petrol.
  • Emits no pollution, meaning minimal local environmental impact

Want to find out more?

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