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All-new Peugeot e-208

The All-new Peugeot e-208 electric city car is sure to deliver a stimulating drive thanks to its new, 100% electric engine. Choose electric without compromise and be ready to drive into the future from early 2020.

There are so many advantages of having an electric engine, such as low usage costs and the convenience of having a silent engine. You’ll also benefit from zero CO2 emissions and easy, rapid battery charge of up to 80% in as little as 30 minutes! Plus, with the battery guaranteed for up to 8 years/100,000 miles* you can relax and enjoy your new electric car!

*For 70% charge capacity.

Driving pleasure

You’ll also discover the many new sensations of driving an electric vehicle, such as a smoother drive without the vibration of traditional petrol or diesel engines. The All-new e-208 also benefits from sharp acceleration thanks to its immediate engine torque. The All-new Peugeot e-208 immediately reacts to offer a serene driving experience.

The All-new Peugeot e-208 has it all, from distinctive features to modern technology and everything in-between. There is no compromise on space or adaptive features and you will benefit from gloss black wheel arches, 17” aerodynamic aluminum wheels^ and luxurious upholstery.

^According to version.

High-performance battery

The All-new Peugeot e-208 comes complete with a new e-CMP electrified modular platform which was developed to incorporate a high-voltage battery and has a large capacity of 50kWH while preserving space. The All-new Peugeot e-208’s electric car battery is guaranteed for 8 years or 100,000 miles for 70% of its charge capacity.

Driving modes
The All-new Peugeot e-208 electric city car has three exclusive driving modes:

  • Sport: priority given to performance and driving sensations (0-60 in 8.5s)
  • Normal: optimum comfort for everyday use
  • Eco: range optimisation

Braking modes
It also benefits from two braking modes:

  • moderate: for a feel similar to that of an internal combustion engine vehicle
  • increased: for deceleration controlled by the accelerator pedal

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