Nissan Air Conditioning Service

Some of us love the wind in our hair. However, it’s not practical to drive around with your head out of the window all the time. So if your air conditioning system is playing up, it might be time you brought your Nissan in. What’s more, a faulty air con system can be a depository for spores, bacteria, and germs, all of which can cause stale odours, sore throats, and even respiratory infections.

There's no need to worry though, we’ve got a quick and easy way to solve the problem, bring your Nissan in to Motorline for an air conditioning service from one of our Nissan-Trained Technicians. Don't forget, we will use only Genuine Nissan Parts to complete the service, so you can rest assured your car is in the safest hands.

For models registered before 2014 and using R134a gas*, costs are as follows:

  • £49.95 - basic air conditioning service when booked in at the same time as a vehicle service
  • £59.95 - basic air conditioning service at any time
  • £69.95 - full air conditioning service at any time, includes anti bacterial treatment and dye

For models registered from 2014 and using R1234yf gas*:

  • £69.95 - basic air conditioning service, with up to 100g gas top up
  • £165.00 - full air conditioning service, including filter, anti-bacterial treatment & dye, with no limit on gas used

Please call your local Motorline Nissan Service Centre to book your air con service.

*Terms and conditions: Please contact your local Motorline Nissan dealership to confirm which service applies to your vehicle.