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Next generation sensors for vehicles tested by Verizon and Nissan

Verizon and Nissan Collaborate to Test Next-Generation Sensors

We are all familiar with the development of autonomous vehicles and how technology can be used to improve the driving experience. But this is certainly not the only area that the Internet of things is able to create a safer driving environment. For example, connected cars are being trialled in California, with Verizon and Nissan collaborating to see whether Internet-enabled vehicles that communicate with their local infrastructure can create a safer environment.

The technology involved is probably more familiar to us at this point in time with devices like smart home lighting and voice-based assistants like Alexa. However, the premise is the same, and we already have some connected technology inside vehicles. For example, satnavs are able to receive alerts when issues are coming up on the road ahead or a vehicle demisting at the windows and preheating the seats before the driver is ready to leave.

Testing and Regulation

Verizon and Nissan's work will provide a best practice for all manufacturers of autonomous vehicles. Of course, there is work to be done with the next stage requiring rigorous evaluation and verification by independent parties and regulators to ensure safety.

Nissan is providing their proprietary telematics test platform, and this, combined with Verizon 5G edge and 4G Lite, enables the sensor data to be processed between the vehicles and the infrastructure. The trials include notifying drivers when pedestrians are entering the road from behind parked cars when vehicles are coming towards them but blocked behind larger vehicles, both of which are designed to ensure more awareness and safety than we can see with the naked eye. It is hoped that the development of connected cars will be one of the most important innovations in transportation for connected and autonomous driving in the future.

Source: The Guardian, Smart Transport, BBC.