Maserati Maintenance and Servicing

There are two options to choose from, designed to meet all requirements:


The "Premium Service" program option covers all the inspections, replacements of components and consumables provided by the official Maintenance Schedule described in your car Owner's Manual.


In addition to the services offered by the "Premium Service" program option, "Premium Service Plus" also covers additional major components* (the front and rear brake pads, front and rear brake discs, and driver-side or passenger-side wiper blades).

Premium Service Premium Service Plus
Engine oil filter


Air filter Yes Yes
Pollen filter Yes Yes
Diesel filter Yes Yes
Front brake pads kit Yes
Rear brake pads kit Yes
Front brakes disc kit Yes
Rear brakes disc kit Yes
Windscreen wiper blades (driver) Yes
Windscreen wiper blades (passenger) Yes
Inspections & consumables Yes Yes

* The additional components included in the “Premium Service Plus” program option may be replaced once only during the program term.