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Put simply, the range of used hybrid vehicles available from Motorline Lexus is exceptional. From luxury coupes to bold SUVs, innovative compacts to dynamic saloons, we have something to suit everyone’s style - and style is exactly what this range brings.

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The hybrid technology offers the heady combination of a high-performance petrol engine and a highly efficient electric motor that drives just like a conventional automatic car. The seamless transitions between both are indeterminable as the technology does all the work for you by selecting the best power source and making the switch. This optimises the power and efficiency but, if you’d like more control, you can choose from three driving modes: ECO, Normal or Sport.

ECO mode is focused on achieving the best level of fuel efficiency by managing engine power and climate settings. Normal mode does a delicate balancing act of maximising efficiency while not deterring from optimal performance. And finally, Sport mode is all about faster and more dynamic throttle responses.

Models like the CT are available in our range of used hybrids. A compact, luxury five-door hybrid with exceptional driving comfort, it’s delicate and light to drive. Or maybe the dominant presence of the Lexus RX is more your style. Unparalleled indulgence and an inordinate amount of space, it is no ordinary SUV. Or maybe the family-friendly RX, our seven-seat people carrier, is what you need. Eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, it will be tough to beat in any category of requirement. But for real breath-taking indulgence, it has to be the flagship coupé, the Lexus LC, that is the one. An award-winning, truly unbeatable driving experience of sheer power, it will leave your heart pounding for more.

Whichever you choose, the Lexus range of hybrid cars will not disappoint you. Browse our current stock of used vehicles online here and then get in touch to schedule your test drive at Motorline Lexus.