Lexus Service Pricing and Repairs

Getting the right service at the right price is not always as easy as you would like, that's why Lexus has made it's servicing as simple and transparent as possible. There are four levels of service (price includes Motorline Emissions Service):

  • Intermediate - designed to maintain all the things that need frequent inspection.
  • Full - a comprehensive service designed to maximise the performance and longevity of your Lexus.
  • Full+60 - includes the additional 60,000 mile replacement of longer service interval items.
  • Full+100 - includes the additional 100,000 mile replacement of longer service interval items.

IntermediateFullFull+60Full+100Timing Belt
CT£215.00 £365.00 £465.00 £565.00
IS Petrol & Hybrid£265.00 £465.00 £665.00 £615.00 £295.00
IS Diesel£265.00 £465.00 £465.00 £615.00
NX Petrol & Hybrid£265.00 £465.00 £695.00 £615.00
GS Petrol & Hybrid£295.00 £465.00 £695.00 £615.00
RX Petrol & Hybrid£295.00 £465.00 £765.00 £665.00 £295.00
SC£295.00 £465.00 £765.00 £665.00 £345.00
LS Petrol£315.00 £615.00 £915.00 £715.00
LS Hybrid£315.00 £615.00 £1,165.00 £715.00
IS-F & RC F£315.00 £565.00 £915.00 £715.00

The following list details what our Lexus-trained technicians will inspect, check and service:

Free visual safety report a a a a
Free wash and vac a a a a
Free Hybrid Health Check (model dependant) a a a a
Check all pedals and components a a a a
Check steering wheel and horn a a a a
Check washers and wipers a a a a
Check interior, exterior and warning lights a a a a
Inspect air con/pollen filter(s) - replace as necessary* a a a a
Check seat belts & floor mat security a a a a
Drain & refill engine oil and replace oil filter a a a a
Check levels and refill as required a a a a
Inspect suspension & steering a a a a
Inspect tyres, wheels & check/adjust tyre pressures a a a a
Inspect spare wheel/saver/tyre repair kit (model dependant) a a a a
Inspect brake pads and discs a a a a
Torque tighten wheel nuts a a a a
Check radiator and condenser a a a a
Inspect drive belts a a a a
Check 12v battery a a a a
Recheck for fluid leaks - underside & engine bay a a a a
Recheck all levels a a a a
Reset service lights or monitor as required a a a a
Set next service date in media system a a a a
Check alarm and immobiliser a a a
Check & adjust gear cables (model dependant) a a a
Inspect glass & light lenses a a a
Replace battery(s) in locking remote(s) a a a
Check & inspect suspension ball free play a a a
Inspect & replace (if required) front & rear differential oils (model dependant) a a a
Inspect drive shaft boots a a a
Inspect suspension ball joints & dust covers a a a
Inspect fuel & brake pipes, exhaust pipes & mountings a a a
Inspect wheel bearings a a a
Inspect hand brake a a a
Inspect clutch fluid (model dependant)* a a a
Inspect charcoal canister (model dependant) a a a
Check fuel cap & lines a a a
4-wheel alignment check - extra charge for adjustment a a a
Replace brake fluid (every two years) a a a
Inspect air filter - replace as required (model dependant) a a a
Replace engine coolant (model dependant) a
Check transmission oil - replace as required (model dependant) a a a
Check transfer/differential box oil - replace as required (model dependant) a a a
Lubricate prop shaft joints (model dependant) a a a
Tighten prop shaft bolts (model dependant) a a a
Conduct diesel smoke test (model dependant) a a a
Replace spark plugs a
Replace diesel fuel filter (model dependant) a
Replace timing belt (model dependant)* a a
Clean airflow meter a
Check valve clearances a
Replace hybrid inverter coolant (model dependant) a
Replace diesel vacuum pump (model dependant)* a


Don't forget, an annual MOT check is mandatory for all cars over 3 years old. Your local Motorline Lexus Centre will be happy to arrange and conduct an MOT on your car, with prices from £54.85. As a main Lexus dealer, not only will we ensure your car is roadworthy and complies with safety and environmental requirements, we're also in the best position to correct any issues identified during the MOT*.


The Lexus Fixed Price repair commitment covers components that naturally wear out as the miles pass. Intended for models aged 5 years and above, the Fixed Price promise^ has been introduced to offer exceptional value for money on older models where wear and tear repairs are likely to be more common.

This includes front and rear brake pads, batteries for both diesel and petrol models, front wiper blades and parts needed following MOT inspections.

The table below shows the price of some typical wear and tear components at your Motorline Lexus Centre, available on vehicles over 5 years old:

Item: CT200hIS200/300 RX450h GS300 ('05/'07) LS430 SC430
Front brake pads (set) £145.00 £145.00 £175.00 £145.00 £175.00 £145.00
Front brake discs & pads £295.00 £295.00 £325.00 £325.00 £350.00 £325.00
Rear brake pads (set) £125.00 £125.00 £125.00 £125.00 £150.00 £125.00
Rear brake discs & pads £275.00 £275.00 £295.00 £295.00 £325.00 £295.00
Battery £95.00 £95.00 £185.00 £95.00 £125.00 £125.00
Water pump £395.00 £395.00 N/A £395.00 £395.00 £395.00
Front wiper refills £30.00 £30.00 £40.00 £40.00 £40.00 £40.00

^Fixed Price Promise: Price includes all parts labour and VAT, No hidden extras, Minimising costs with price transparency, Genuine parts fitted by Lexus technicians, Maintains your genuine Lexus service history. *Additional charges may apply if work is required.