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New Lexus UX from £29,900

New Lexus UX SUV

Now available to Pre-Order and in Showrooms from March 2019.

After its debut at the Geneva Motor Show, the Lexus UX has taken the world by storm. This compact crossover will be coming in 2019, but it has already started to make its mark.

Power and Performance

The UX is a new generation Self-Charging Hybrid that provides you with a dynamic driving experience. Its low centre of gravity is what makes the UX agile and fun to drive. The automatic transmission features the new 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, powerful electric motor and newly developed hybrid transmission.

The vehicle charges itself as you drive. No plugging in, no compromise. High thermal efficiency and output is also delivered by the engine with C02 levels from 97g/km* and BIK from 21%*. The focus on outstanding fuel economy offers up to 68.9 mpg*.

You’ll have five driving modes to choose from, depending on your journey:

  • Normal mode: effortlessly drive around the city with response power behind your every move.
  • Eco mode: elegantly cruise on the motorway with a smooth, eco-friendly ride.
  • Custom mode: have the opportunity to combine each mode setting to help sculpt your perfect drive.
  • Sports S Mode: feel an increase in power and steering sensitivity on open roads and elegant corners in the Sports mode.
  • Sports S+ mode: sharper acceleration and steady handling will provide you with an optimum driving experience on coastal roads and mountain trails.


The UX is challenging everything that came before it by being the smallest SUV ever made by Lexus. Don’t let its size fool you, for the UX combines unmistakable power with dynamic design. The design team strived for a striking design giving the UX a signature look that is impossible to forget, and this is evident from its intricate grille to its triple-LED headlights.

The innovation did not stop at exterior design, as it blends seamlessly into the luxury interior. The clever design gives the illusion of the instrument panel flowing through the windscreen into the bonnet, giving the driver better visibility and maneuverability. The ‘Takumi’-crafted leather upholstery and innovative technology within the instrument panel help give the UX its dynamic high-end feeling.

Three trim levels will be available: UX, F SPORT and Takumi. You can also create your perfect vehicle with our optional custom packs, including Tech & Safety, Premium Plus and F SPORT Takumi.

Technology and Safety

We have included our latest safety and entertainment technology to provide you with the optimum driving experience for both the driver and passengers.

Keeping yourself and others safe whilst on the road was one of our main priorities whilst designing the UX. You’ll find a blind spot monitor on the wing mirrors to help spot upcoming vehicles and cyclists you may not see. We have included an automatic high beam light that will turn off when you have full beams turned on and a car is approaching to avoid dazzling them in the dark. Finally, you’ll find a pre-collision system to help prevent collisions and lane departure alert to keep you smoothly in your lane.

You’ll find first-class technology within the Lexus UX, starting with the improved air control and climate control to help you feel comfortable whilst on the road. Have all eyes on the road with our impressive panoramic view that allows you to see the front, rear and side of your vehicle and predict navigation of your manoeuvres. In each UX you’ll find an impressive Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound System that will provide you with beautiful sounding audio in every journey. It’s never been easier to charge your phone whilst on the move with our charging pad.

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