Your Infiniti vehicle is built to the highest specifications of quality and is the result of truly remarkable design and engineering. Should the unexpected occur, however, and should you ever find yourself in need of assistance whilst travelling, Infiniti will always be available to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Should you need a hotel or replacement vehicle, only premium class accommodation and courtesy cars will be provided. Alternatively, if you need to continue your travel urgently, you can sit back and relax in Business Class, while Infiniti flies you – and whoever you’re travelling with – to your destination.


Infiniti Touring Assistance* covers both your car and the owner. Hence, regardless of whom is driving your Infiniti (you, your spouse, a family member or a friend), your car is always covered and this throughout Europe. It also means that if you, the owner, are driving or travelling in another vehicle, you are still covered.


The best available replacement vehicles are sourced from Infiniti Centres for you to be able to drive. If the replacement vehicle is not available at the nearest Infiniti Centre, then premium ground transportation will be arranged, or business class air tickets, for you and your passengers in order to retrieve the replacement vehicle. All of your baggage will be covered, including oversized items such as skis and bicycles. Furthermore, if during the warranty period you require assistance for inconveniences such as the loss of your key, a tyre puncture or an accident, you will still be assisted free of charge.


As an Infiniti owner you are also eligible once a year for an assistance credit. With the assistance credit, you can receive help free of charge, regardless of the car you are driving or travelling in. So, if you have a breakdown in a car belonging to a friend or family member, who has no assistance coverage, your status as Infiniti owner gives you access to Infiniti’s Mobility Services. Free of charge, the car you are driving will be repaired on the spot (roadside) or towed to a suitable workshop within 50km. All this just because you own an Infiniti.

Not only does the coverage apply to your country of residence, but you are also covered –with full benefits – wherever in Europe you take your Infiniti.


Infiniti Touring Assistance is available to you for the duration of your original manufacturer warranty (three years), but with no limitation on mileage.

*Terms and conditions apply, for full details, please visit