Spring Health Check for £34.99*

and receive a FREE European travel pack.

At Motorline Hyundai, the safety of your vehicle is paramount to us. That's why, with Spring officially upon us, and the days being lighter, it's time to give everything a refresh, and your car should be no different. So we're offering a free comprehensive Spring Health Check for your vehicle, to make sure that everything is in working order and to let you know of any maintenance work that may need doing.

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Your Spring Check will include:

- Map Update with over 73,000 miles of roads updated 
- Air conditioning temperature, blower operation and cabin filter check
- Check and top-up engine coolant and screenwash levels
- Engine management software check and update, for optimal performance
- Vehicle Health Check - a visual inspection of key areas of your vehicle to reassure you and help spot potential issues early

Your FREE European Travel Pack† contains:

- Twin breathalyser pack
- ​Gloves  
- GB sticker  
- First aid kit  
- Warning triangle  
- Bulb kit  
- Torch  
- Hi vis vest  

All in a compact Hyundai-branded bag.

Hyundai Display
Hyundai engine
Hyundai grill
Hyundai interal
Hyundai Wheel

Simply give us a call or click below to book your car in for its Spring Health Check:

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The Spring Health Check is a visual vehicle inspection. We may recommend some essential work is carried out on the vehicle prior to you being able to drive the vehicle again. Please speak to your nearest dealership for full terms and conditions. * Air conditioning temperature, blower operation and cabin filter check. Satnav update where required. Engine coolant and screenwash levels topped up where required. While stocks last