Free Vehicle Safety Check*

At Motorline Hyundai we constantly strive to ensure the safety of your car. As part of our service we run a free 25-point visual safety check every time you bring your car in to our workshop. When we hand your Hyundai back, we’ll give you a report highlighting any potential problems picked up during the check We’ll indicate whether this work requires immediate attention, or something that should be looked at a later date.

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Your free safety check will include:


Bodywork, Windscreen, Number Plates, Door Mirrors, Wiper Blades


Horn, Wash/Wipe, Front Lights, Rear Lights, Door, Boot, Bonnet Opening, Air Conditioning, Clutch


Engine Oil, Coolant/Antifreeze, Screen Wash, Brake Fluid, Power Steering, Battery Test


Spare, Left Rear, Left Front, Right Front, Right Rear, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Pressure Check


Front Brake Pads and Discs, Rear Brake Pads and Discs, Brake Pipes/Hoses/Cables, Handbrake Travel/Operation


Shock Absorbers/Springs, Joints/Drive Shaft/Boots, Wheel Bearings, Exhaust/Catalyst, Fluid Leaks

You don't have to wait for your next service for us to run the Visual Safety Check. Simply give us a call to book your car in and we’ll run the checks for free.

Book a Safety Check

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*Ts&Cs apply, please speak to your local centre for more information.