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Why Go Electric? If you're thinking about making a change on your driveway for the first time in about 10 years, you now have more options than you would've had last time you were car shopping.

Our Electric & Hybrid Brands

With more electric and hybrid vehicles becoming available, Motorline can continue to offer our customers a wide range of models to choose from,.Weather you are looking for a new electric/hybrid vehicle, or browsing through our selection of pre-owned electric/hybid vehicles, we are sure we can find the right car for you.


Buying Electric

Electric cars are greener than internal combustion engine vehicles by a number of key measures, with the exception of the carbon intensity of the manufacturing process.

As EVs become more mainstream, the costs are dropping rapidly and there are a wide variety of benefits for drivers making the switch. From the environmental impact to the savings you can make on fuel, tax and maintenance costs, electric vehicles could help you save significant amounts of money.On a cost per mile basis a fully electric car could cost you a quarter or less of what a traditional petrol or diesel car might. These savings quickly add up, see how much you could save on each journey when driving an EV by using our special Journey Cost Calculator below.

Key Benefits include,

Electric cars offer a range of financial, performance and environmental benefits when compared with internal combustion engine vehicles.

  • Greener
  • Faster
  • Cheaper to run
  • More convenient to own
  • Soon to be cheaper to buy or lease

Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained

Everything you wanted to know about hybrid, fully electric and fuel cell cars


    Electric Vehicle FAQ

    Electric cars are greener than internal combustion engine vehicles by a number of key measures, with the exception of the carbon intensity of the manufacturing process.

    What is a hybrid car?

    A hybrid car is one that combines a traditional combustion engine with an electrically charged battery motor. By combining the two, you are able to maximise the efficiency of your motoring, with improved mileage available and reduced CO2 emissions. 

    How do you charge a hybrid car?

    Depending on the nature of your hybrid vehicle, you will be able to charge the model in a number of ways. Mild hybrids often recharge their battery through a system known as regenerative braking, which converts the energy normally lost during braking procedures and converts it into an electrical charge for your battery. Alternatively, full hybrid models will require you to charge the battery via an electrical outlet - either at a public charging station or at home. 

    How does a hybrid engine work?

    A hybrid engine works by combining the traditional performance of a fuel-powered combustion engine with a lithium-ion battery motor. This battery provides added power to the engine and can more often than not power the entire vehicle for a selected duration. 

    How much is a hybrid car?

    Hybrid vehicles have traditionally been thought of as being more expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts. However, with more and more manufacturers developing solutions and the range of vehicles growing ever larger, prices are beginning to drop. In addition, many models can be purchased through government grants, making prices more affordable. And, when you factor in the running costs going forward, the value for money is obvious.

    Why choose an electric vehicle?

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    The benefits of choosing an electric model are plentiful. Not only will you be able to drive the very latest in advanced automotive technology, but you will benefit from such features as zero CO2 emissions, improved running costs, instant torque, and exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and congestion charges. As such, you can rest assured going electric won’t disappoint. 

    Where can I charge my hybrid/electric vehicle?

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    For many people, installing a home charging point is sufficient for their needs, enabling them to charge their battery overnight when electric costs are cheaper. Alternatively, there are thousands of public charging points throughout the UK - with more being added all the time. From rapid charging points at motorway service stations to charging solutions at supermarkets, gyms, and places of work, you’re never far from a reliable source.

    Is it cheaper to run an electric car?

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    In comparison to a standard petrol or diesel vehicle, whose cost per mile is around the 13p mark, an electric car is able to provide a level of performance in the region of 3p per mile. As such, over time you can rest assured your running costs will save you plenty. 

    Do electric cars need regular servicing?

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    While electric vehicles have fewer moving components thanks to the absence of a traditional engine, it goes without saying that you should still aim to invest in regular servicing of your electric or hybrid vehicle. This is because scheduled servicing appointments also take into consideration such measures as tyres, brake pads, electrics and more, thereby ensuring that you’re always taking to the road safely.

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