Training development at Motorline

One of the main reasons why Motorline has become one of the largest motor groups in England and Wales is the people who work for us.

.It takes skill to sell or repair a car, and there’s much more to a role at Motorline than people might think.

For instance, if you work on the showroom floor, you are the first physical point of contact with a customer. A Motorline sales executive represents the company and its image, and is, effectively, the face of our organisation. A bad first impression might result in a customer deciding never to return again (and telling their friends and family about the experience).

On the other hand, a friendly, knowledgeable team member, who shows an interest in the customer and talks to them as an individual, is likely to make a positive connection. Connections lead to sales – and sales drive our business forward.

Of course, we provide all the training required to turn a new employee into the real deal. As long as you have the desire, you’ll find that Motorline provides the best working environment in which to flourish.

We feature the latest technology to help you perform your role to the best of your ability too, whether it’s our intuitive inventory system or leading-edge equipment in our workshops.

If you see a career vacancy at Motorline that interests you – or you would like to express an interest in working for us, please get in touch with us today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.