Our Aftersales Training and Development Manager is an industry expert with a career exceeding 30 years in retail car dealerships and specialist automotive training companies. Our Manager develops, trains and supports the groups Aftersales Departments. Having recently joined the group, he brings with him an array of techniques and processes specifically designed to help our Aftersales Departments further support our customers needs. 

“How our colleagues are developed and supported has a direct impact on the customer journey and is pivitol with retention and satisfaction. We train all of our staff with the appropriate competencies and skill sets to deliver first class customer outcomes, along with future career development and progression".  


Our Sales Training and Development Manager has over the last 5 years worked extensively with Motorline's senior management developing Car & Commercial, Finance and Secondary Product Sales Processes. With 36 years’ experience with both manufactures and retail dealerships, he is responsible for training and development within all our 56 Dealerships. He has developed bespoke, in-house training courses for Fleet, Finance, Small Business, Additional Products and New & Used Vehicles Sales.

"Our Academy continues to invest in our staff by adopting the very latest interactive training aids and learning support material placing Motorline a as market leader in people development".


Q1. In my current and previous roles within Aftersales, I only ever received training via the brand, how do Motorline differ?

A1. At Motorline we are committed to provide classroom and/or one to one training to all members of the Aftersales Department, helping them to develop their skills and techniques. The courses range from general process through customer interaction/sales skills to communication and people management.

Q2. What are the promotion prospects within Aftersales at Motorline?

A2. They are excellent. We are keen to ensure that all of our colleagues are motivated and we understand that the prospect of promotion forms a large part in this. It is important that we develop our high performers and help them in their career path. We use our Academy to assess and deliver the training that those individuals require to ensure that they are ready for the next step.

Q3. Would I be expected to sell as a Service Advisor?

A3. The role of a Service Advisor has evolved dramatically over the past 10 years and as such, there are a number of sales elements involved. We understand this and have developed our induction and initial training courses to help in this area. These provide in depth sales skills including objection handling, negotiation and closing. Your line Manager will help and support you back at site and our in house Aftersales Trainers are available whenever required.

Q4. Are there any apprentice schemes available?

A4. Yes, the majority of the brands we have operate apprenticeship schemes for technicians. A number of them run schemes for Service Advisors and Part Assistants, however these are not always available and so you would need to contact us for further details.

Q5. Is all training classroom based?

A5. Our Trainers are field based. Most of the training is conducted in our state of the art dealerships. However, we also provide one to one training for individual needs and our trainers are contactable 7 days a week.

Q6. Are Managers provided with any in house training?

A6. All Managers up to Director level are supported by our in-house Academy. This includes managing the sales and buying process, understanding aftersales, coaching and developing staff, recruitment and performance management.

Q7. I have no experience in selling cars. Would the Motorline sales training require that I have some basic knowledge of retail sales?

A7. Not at all. Approximately half of all Sales Executives who join our group have no experience of selling cars. Our in-house trainers will teach you the main steps required to help customers make an informed decision on the car of their choice. During the training you are provided with support material, App’s and Point of Sale tools that help to explain the products and services offered by Motorline. When you return to your Dealership, our managers provide on-the-job training in order to build your confidence and level of skill.

Q8. Other than car sales training, what other training would be required for me to work in the sales department?

A8. Almost 90% of customers who buy New & Used Cars finance the purchase through our motor manufacturer finance companies. We therefore train all sales staff and management how these purchase plans work, how to explain them to our customers and how to use the quoting systems. We also provide modular based online training to confirm that all our staff can demonstrate understanding of the finance and insurance products we offer.

Q9. If I do not know about the mechanical aspects of cars, how can I be expected to assess customers cars for Part-Exchange?

A9. We will provide you with your own iPad with vehicle assessment applications which will assess and determine vehicle condition. We will train you how to use these systems and provide specialist technical training enabling you to identify vehicles grades. Our Centre Managers will determine the market values.

Q10. If I should be successful and receive promotion into a different Motorline franchise, do I have to be trained in different sales and management processes?

A10. Motorline have the same sales and management processes across all our automotive dealerships and franchises. This enables anybody from any dealership to apply for a vacancy or position within the Group. The results of this being that Motorline can boast that almost every Director, Manager, Controller, Supervisor and Team Leader has been promoted from within our organisation.

For further information please contact the recruitment team on or 01227 817780.