Motorline Audi Air Conditioning Service from only £90*

Keep your car in the best condition all year round

It’s important that you have your air conditioning serviced on a regular basis as this will help your Audi air conditioning system work more efficiently.

Why it’s important?

Not only does the air conditioning system keep the temperature in your car balanced; it also dehumidifies and purifies the air. This prevents your windows from fogging up in the cold air and ensures you gain maximum visibility at all times.

If your air conditioning isn't serviced regularly, it won’t be able to offer fresh air and will build up bacteria and odours which can be unpleasant.

Our expert Audi trained technicians will drain, refill and undertake a comprehensive service as well as a detailed inspection of your Audi air conditioning system. This will ensure that it performs at its best.

What’s included in the air conditioning service:

  • Full drain and recharge of the refrigerant gas
  • Checking of hoses, filters, belts and connections
  • An anti-bacterial and odour treatment

Our Air Conditioning Service is available from only £90*

For more information or to book, please get in touch with our team at East Kent Audi here.

Terms and Conditions Apply. Our Air Conditioning Service offer is subject to availability and change without further notice. *£90 Air Conditioning Service is applicable on vehicles built before 30/05/2016. For all vehicles built after 30/05/2016, a charge of £149 is applicable for an Air Conditioning Service. Offer available until 31/12/2018.