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SMART repairs

For more information on our Cosmetic Repair Service or to book a repair (which can be carried out along with your service), please fill out our simple online cosmetic repair requestform or call us now on: 08700 112218

SMART repair savings

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)


 PDR is suitable for all small dents such as those caused by other car doors, shopping trolleys and even hailstones. The sort of minor damage that can happen at virtually any time to any vehicle.


Prices from £65


Chip and Scuff Repair


If the visual impact of stone chips to paintwork might not be severe enough to warrant a visit to the bodyshop, be aware that the resulting problems like scuffed paintwork, will quickly reduce any vehicle's value.


Prices from £85

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


We can repair both rim damage and fascia damage and match any silver painted finish.  However, we regret that we cannot offer this service on wheels which are buckled or highly corroded.


Prices from £70

Glass Repair


Before the advent of SMART Repairs, the normal procedure would be to replace the screen as soon as damage became apparent.  Indeed it is still not always possible to repair a damaged windscreen.  However, you can very often eliminate minor damage very quickly, cost effectively and permanently.


Prices from £20

Interior Trim Repair


Advanced materials and techniques are employed to reconstruct the damaged areas, even when parts are missing, leaving virtually undetectable repairs, including recreating textured finishes.


Prices from £40


Velour/Leather Repair


Velour/Leather upholstery can have a rough life and over time may acquire a variety of minor damage - snags and cigarette burns being the most common offenders.  SMART Repair techniques can make good this damage, providing a near invisible repair that will restore the look of your vehicle's interior.


Prices from £50